Changelog Staf4 Registrator
Version (2024.03.20)
- Registration for / has been restored
- Improved registration for (browser)
- Improved password retrieval for external application for
- anti-captcha service has been replaced with (to be used for Hotmail)
- SMS service has been added
Version (2024.01.08)
- registration has been restored
Version (2023.11.19)
- registration has been restored (now registration via SMS)
- Registration of (mobile) via SMS has been restored
- Registration of (browser) restored
- The checker has been restored
- Added anti-captcha service
- Added SMS service
- Minor improvements to registration
- Fixed and improved registration of
- Fixed operation of the SMS service
- Added FunCaptcha solution via Capmonster Cloud
- Other minor fixes and improvements
Version (2023.08.03)
- Fixed registration and password change
- Anycaptcha anti-captcha service removed
Version (2023.06.04)
- Improved / registration
- Detection of unsupported phones error for / (for example Russia numbers)
- Added getting password for external application (IMAP) for
- Missing countries added to SMS services
Version (2023.05.21)
- registration restored
- POP3/SMTP/IMAP activation fix for (authorization now occurs through the browser)
Version (2023.04.18)
- registration restored
Version (2023.03.26)
- registration restored
- domain removed from
Version (2023.02.07)
- Optimization, bug fixes and improvements
Version (2022.12.17)
- Added password change functionality for (Mail -> Operations)
- Added the ability to activate NoSpam for (Mail -> Operations)
- Fix activation of IMAP during registration
- domain removed from
- Other minor fixes and improvements
Version (2022.12.09)
- Added linking/unlinking phone for (section Operations)
- In the Checker and Operations sections, support has been added for its own list of User-agents (from the general Settings)
- Anticaptcha reports wrong answers (,
- Added anti-captcha service
- Minor improvements to the checker
- SMS services have updated lists of countries
- Removed anti-captcha services and
- Removed SMS services,,,
Version (2022.10.13)
- registration fix - in some cases the wrong domain was chosen
- domain added for
- POP3/SMTP/IMAP activation fix for (HCaptcha required)
- Added SMS service
Version (2022.10.03)
- Fixed a bug due to which accounts were created with incorrect passwords
- When the program works through a proxy (if the program domain is blocked), downloading browsers and Tor now also works through this proxy
Version (2022.09.23)
- Fixed registration via SMS
- Added Chinese language
- Small interface fixes
Version (2022.07.06)
- For Yandex, registration via captcha has been removed. made forced registration via sms
- registration restored
- Small interface fixes