Changelog — Page 6
Version (2017.11.30)
- Fixed registration
- Fixed bugs in the work of SMS services
- Fixed POP3 checker
Version (2017.11.19)
- Pop3 activation restored for
Version 3.3.5 (2017.11.14)
- Restored registration on
- Fixed registration on
- In the section for specifying alternative mail from a file, the ability to delete mail from a file and loop the list has been added
- Added the ability to specify a separate list of proxies for anticaptcha services (for solving recaptcha2)
- Added a list of long-term proxy bans (similar to the list of regular bans), so far only for
- Added "anti-captcha services": "File with answers" and "Folder with answers files", allowing you to take ready-made answers to captchas from a file / files (useful for recaptcha when it is solved by a third-party application)
- Bugs fixed
Version 3.3.4 (2017.10.26)
- registration restored
Version 3.3.3 (2017.10.25)
- Improved registration (didn't work in some cases)
- CapMonster: added an alternative way to recognize ReCaptcha2 (via sitekey), the module is purchased separately from CM developers
- An option has been added to the anti-captcha settings that allows you to enable the use of a proxy for ReCaptcha2 (it is recommended to disable it when using paid services and enable it for CapMonster)
- Bugs fixed
Version 3.3.2 (2017.10.11)
- Restored registration on
- More stable operation of the emulator when solving Recaptcha2 + improved handling of CapMonster2 responses
- Added a soft stop of registration ("..." button to the right of "Stop"), which stops launching new threads, but waits for the complete execution of all started threads (relevant for multi-thread SMS registration)
- Bugs fixed
Version 3.3.1 (2017.09.09)
- Restored registration on
- Added web-checker for accounts
- Fixed recognition of ReCaptcha2 through the emulator (using CapMonster, manual mode and some anti-captchas)
Version 3.3 (2017.09.07)
- Fixed registration on - now registers without SMS, but through ReCaptcha2
- Removed registration
- In the "Tools" section, the "File operations" tab has been added, where you can perform arithmetic operations with text files (combining several files into one, dividing one file into several equal ones, and subtracting duplicate lines from one file from another file)
- Added SMS service
- Bugs fixed
Version 3.2 (2017.08.05)
- The program is now compiled for two processor architectures (x86, x64). There should be no out-of-memory errors when running on Windows x64
- Added a web-checker for mail accounts (only for now, others will be added later)
- Added a proxy generator: in the proxy settings (for registration), in the proxy checker (for getting working proxies), and as a separate tool (for saving to a file). Allows you to specify proxy ranges and a list of ports to generate
- Proxy: added the ability to block proxies for a certain time. When logging blocked proxies to a file, the blocking time is written to it, and the next time you start registration (if the checkbox for skipping banned proxies is enabled), the blocking time of the proxies will be restored
- Proxies: fixed a bug where authorized proxies were not included in the blocked list
- Proxy: fixed work through proxy in "login:pwd:ip:port" format
- Proxy: added ability to select proxy format "ip:port:login:pwd"
- In the data settings, the ability to specify a file with alternative (spare) mails has been added (so far only and
- Added the ability to specify your answer to a secret question in the data settings
- Changed the formation of the name of the autosave registration results file - now "reg" ("reg-sms") is written in parentheses for normal registration, when pop3/smtp is activated, the corresponding abbreviations will be added. Now, for example, if you register mailboxes with pop3 activation, and the mailbox is registered, but pop3 is not activated, the registered mail will be saved in a separate file with the label "reg" (previously such mailboxes were saved only in the History)
- A separate pop3 activation (in the "Operations" section) now supports working through a proxy
- has restored pop3 activation when launched from the Operations tab
- Fixed work of sms-services and
- In the "History" section, the results are now displayed by pressing the "Show" button (previously, with a large number of accounts, the interface hung)
- CapMonster: added the ability to specify the name of the module
- CapMonster: added the ability to specify an access key
- Usability: added "drag and drop" to all file selection fields
- Temporarily removed (changed registration mechanism)
Version 3.1.1 (2017.06.02)
- Added the ability to activate POP3 for mobile Yandex during registration
- Bugs fixed
Version 3.1 (2017.06.01)
- Added registration to and via SMS
- Fixed activation of POP3 at
- Added selection of an alternative anti-captcha service (if the main one for some reason did not solve the captcha and returned an error)
- The list of proxies has a limit on the number of registrations per IP - after a specified number of successful registrations, the proxy gets into the list of blocked
- "Registrations to IP" + "Command execution" settings moved to "Proxy" section and available in "no proxy" and "single proxy" modes
Version 3.0.3 (2017.05.27)
- Improved performance, fixed bugs
Version 3.0.2 (2017.05.24)
- Bugs fixed
Version 3.0.1 (2017.05.22)
- Added a setting that allows you to disable the registration stop when there are no live proxies (waiting for the list to be updated)
- Advanced proxy auto-update settings
Version 3.0 (2017.05.21)
- Added registration through popular SMS services (+ the ability to manually enter phone / sms), for and
- Added support for multithreaded registration via Tor, you can specify a list of desired countries
- Added proxy checker
- Added the ability to specify a list of your User-Agents
- Added the ability to log into files of working/dead/banned proxies
- Added the ability to load a list of banned proxies from a file to skip them during registration
- Added the ability to ban a proxy after the specified number of incorrectly solved captchas in a row
- Improved interaction between and CapMonster (forced to specify the correct module, since the capmonster substitutes MailRuMobile)
- Added the ability to change the case of the first / last name and login during registration
- Added the ability to specify one specific proxy, instead of a file with their list
- Added ability to select proxy format between "login:pwd@ip:port" and "login:pwd:ip:port"
- Added setting for generating a login from a template
- Added setting to generate login from random characters
- Added the ability to remove logins from your file, in case of successful registration or they are busy
- Added setting for specifying the interval for cleaning the folder of temporary files (captcha)
- Added anti-captcha service (cheap hotmail)
- Added the ability to specify your server for CapMonster
- Added auto-save of program results to files
- Removed - they made registration through mobile app
- Improved mechanism for auto-selection of free mail if the current login is busy - now mail is selected taking into account the marked domains
- Updated UserAgent's, improved work with them (more unique)
- Updated program interface, added missing tooltips
- More convenient indication of several links/files with a proxy in the settings
- Fixed a bug with switching to registration without a proxy when working proxies run out
- Fixed registration by own list of logins - now when all logins from the file are over (successful registration or busy), registration is terminated
- Fixed a bug with long requests to Kapmonster
- Fixed a bug - when working through a proxy, the standard timeout (60 seconds) was always set, regardless of the settings
- Optimization of resource consumption, interface operation and multi-threaded registration
- More stable work with the local database when running several copies of the program (from the same settings folder)
- Many minor fixes and improvements