Changelog — Page 5
Version (2018.06.07)
- Fixed registration
- Added export of successful results to json and txt on the "Operations" tab in the "Mail" section
- Downloading new versions now occurs through the program itself
Version (2018.06.05)
- Fixed registration
- On the "POP3 checker" tab in the "Mail" section, the "Number of attempts" field has been added
- On the "Operations" tab in the "Mail" section, the "Number of attempts" field has been added
Version (2018.05.31)
- Fixed registration
Version (2018.05.29)
- Fixed registration
Version (2018.05.25)
- Fixed registration
- Fixed registration
- Added http request execution in single proxy mode (works like command execution)
- Added the ability to execute the specified http request (with variables) in the export settings upon successful registration of each account
Version (2018.05.23)
- Fixed registration
- Fixed registration
Version (2018.05.21)
- Fixed registration
- Fixed proxy generator
Version (2018.05.10)
- Fixed deleting logins from own file (if checkboxes are checked)
Version (2018.05.04)
- Fixed registration (registration requires clean proxies). DO NOT use your own User-Agent's lists
- Fixed a bug with working through TOR, due to which, after a while, errors began to connect to the TOR network
- In the "Mail" section, the "Letters" tab has been added, where you can view incoming messages from mailboxes with activated pop3 (double click opens the letter)
- Slightly improved checker
Version (2018.04.15)
- Improved registration of and " (old)"
- Fixed registration
- Fixed registration in regional domains for
- Fixed activation of POP3 at (to enter and activate pop3 now also requires the passage of ReCaptcha2)
Version (2018.04.01)
- Registration method (via captcha/sms) moved to the registration tab
- Added the previous registration method " (old)" through their old design (as an alternative registration option)
- In the export settings, the ability to save all information about registered accounts in a json-like format has been added, so that later you can extract data in any format (section Tools->Export)
- In the export settings, added the ability to save accounts that may have been created, but due to an error, this could not be confirmed
- In the notification settings, the execution of a custom command at the end of the registration process has been added
- Bugs fixed
Version (2018.02.22)
- registration rewritten for their new design
- In the settings of SMS services, the ability to add / reassign phone request parameters has been added (for example, to specify a specific mobile operator)
- Fixed api address reassignment for SMS services
- Added the ability to disable saving accounts to a local database in the export settings (to reduce the load on hardware)
- Recaptcha2 recognition mechanism through pictures restored and improved
- Bugs fixed
Version (2018.02.02)
- Fixed activation of a new license from the program window
Version (2018.02.02)
- Updated design, improved usability (drag'n'drop to file selection fields, statusbar scrolling, saving selected registration settings, etc.)
- The license activation mechanism has been redesigned - now you can activate a license or relink it to other equipment from the program window
- For any anti-captcha service and SMS service, you can now change the link to the api (in case the service you need is not in the list, but the apis are identical)
- Improved SMS services (refusal/ban of numbers, new countries added to postal services, bugs fixed)
- Added SMS service
- - improved checker (added processing of suspicious accounts with captcha when logging in)
- – registration fixed, pop3 activation fixed, checker added
- - registration fixed
- (mobile) – registration fixed, registration via SMS added, pop3 activation fixed
- – registration fixed, checker fixed
- - registration fixed, pop3 activation fixed
- Bug fixes and minor performance optimizations
Version (2017.12.23)
- Fixed registration