General issues

The program has a detailed description of almost every setting. Hover over the interface element you are interested in - a tooltip with its description will appear.
This is also true for the list of mail services - select a service, hover over it - you will see its features.
How to set up the program for the best result? Obviously, there is no universal answer - it depends on your hardware, Internet speed, proxy quality, proxy type, selected mail service and individual needs. Start from the default settings and experiment.

Normal - registration through a browser is emulated. The main requests are repeated, the results are parsed, and subsequent requests are sent based on the data. The highest registration speed, average quality.
Mobile - the same principle as regular registration, but in this case registration is emulated through official mobile applications (android, ios). Added as an alternative registration method.
Browser - registration goes through a real browser (Chrome, Firefox). Increased resource consumption, long registration time, but better mailbox quality.

You are probably using a broken program. Most of the broken versions of this program that were encountered were infected. Plus, from our side, everything possible will be done so that the broken software works incorrectly, buggy, or does not work at all.

We cannot recommend anything specific, buying proxies is the prerogative of the program user.
IPv6 proxies are NOT recommended for purchase. practically nothing is registered through them.
For those who are too lazy to google, a small selection of sellers:

Very old store, many different accounts, many payment methods: buyaccs.com.

The registrar works with standard CapMonster settings. After changing the settings, do not forget to restart CapMonster, and before using it in the registrar, select it as an anticaptcha service.
If CapMonster is running on a remote computer, you must specify its address in the "CapMonster Address" field (example:
Sometimes this is also required when running Capmonster on a local computer.
To learn more about CapMonster, try the demo version and buy it, you can follow the link: https://zennolab.com/en/products/capmonster/.

When the registrar and XEvil work on the same computer, it is enough to specify CapMonster as an anti-captcha service in the registrar's settings.
If XEvil is running on a remote computer, in the XEvil settings you need to specify an external ip and a free port (example:, and specify it in the registrar settings, in the "CapMonster Address" field.
To learn more about XEvil, try the demo version and buy it, you can follow the link: botmasterru.com.

From my own experience: in the first place - rucaptcha.com, in the second - anti-captcha.com.
To register hotmail.com / outlook.com via FunCaptcha, it is recommended to use anycaptcha.com.
These services support reCaptcha2, reCaptcha3, hCaptcha, FunCaptcha.

Based on personal experience with these services..
sms-activate.ru. Good prices. There is no experience of communication with TP, tk. everything worked without problems. There is an https mirror. Recommended.
onlinesim.ru. Not the lowest prices. Technical support does not respond within the time frame set by them, but still tolerable. There is an https mirror. When requesting Russian numbers, you need to send a scan of your passport. Good service.
sms-area.org. Probably the highest prices (sometimes many times higher than other services). TP responds for a long time. There is no https mirror site. It feels like the service is dead.
simsms.org and smspva.com. Low prices. Repeated SMS sent to the number you have already paid for is paid. A crooked api that does not return some of the parameters and sometimes disagrees with the instructions. There is no https mirror site. The user rating system in conjunction with low-quality numbers (for some services) will quickly drive you into a block. A withdrawal request lasts a month (according to personal experience, even longer than a month). Not recommended for use.
smsvk.net. Low prices. Crooked inconvenient site. Messages sent through the site are ignored, it is better to immediately write to Skype. There are very few phone numbers available. There is no https mirror site. Not recommended for use.
5sim.net. Many services and countries, reasonable prices, many phones. There is no client balance protection (for example, access by ip), and therefore your balance can be reset to zero by a key brute-forcer (which happened in my case). Communication with support leaves an extremely negative aftertaste: TP ignores questions, closes tickets, “turns on the fool”, and does everything not to understand your question. In general, the service is good. But due to an unfriendly TP, an unresolved problem with a zeroed balance, and the absence of a normal affiliate program, the application will not work with this service.
smska.xyz. It is highly not recommended for use. There are very few phone numbers available. There is no possibility of withdrawing or spending the money earned in the referral program. Technical support does not respond to any communication channel.
sms-acktiwator.ru. It is highly not recommended for use. After 1-2 years, the owner deleted my account without warning, denied the existence of my account in correspondence. After I provided evidence (a registration letter from his domain), he stopped responding to messages altogether. The application will not work with this service, because. scammer owner.

Some mail services are very meticulous about registered mailboxes, they can block them if there is any suspicion. The reason can be both a large number of mail registrations from one ip (even private), and public proxies used.
By buying high-quality proxies from trusted sources and not sucking every proxy to the last, you will reduce the risk of blocking mailboxes.
Also, do not enter the created mailbox from a country that differs from the country of registration (if you registered through a Chinese proxy, then check / enter this mail from a Chinese proxy).

Despite the fact that the program supports both types of proxies, it registers only Yandex. This is a feature of the mail services themselves.

The program supports multithreaded registration through Tor. But keep in mind that each thread is the launch of a separate Tor process, which means an increased load on the system. It is recommended not to install many threads.
The result of working through Tor may be weak or absent at all, due to the large number of users and the specifics of the technology.

If Tor is blocked in your country and you cannot connect directly, you must use intermediary nodes called bridges.
Getting a bridge with a Telegram bot:
  • connect to @GetBridgesBot in Telegram
  • type /bridges
  • copy one of the received lines
Getting a bridge from the Tor Project site:
Get bridge via email (Gmail and Riseup only):
  • Send an email to bridges@torproject.org from your Gmail account or Riseup
  • leave the subject field blank and write "get transport obfs4" in the body of the message
  • copy one of the resulting lines

Select the "List of proxy files/links" mode. Open the list and specify one or more proxies, adding a reconnect link in square brackets for each.
Set "Refresh timeout" to 10 seconds, and turn off the unlocked setting "Stop when no proxy".
Turn on the settings for blocking banned proxies, and their removal from blocking in a minute. If necessary, configure other conditional blocking options.
Enable all settings in the "Mobile proxies" section, they will allow you to reconnect before removing proxies from the blocked/dead lists.

The program supports the installation of its User-Agents. But keep in mind that services can issue different html code for different user agents, which will lead to a negative result. Therefore, it is recommended to leave this setting by default, or act on the basis of this feature of services.

Run the program in debug mode. Make several attempts to register, and click "Diagnostics" (in the settings, instead of the debug button). Send the generated archive to the mail.