Changelog — Page 4
Version (2019.01.11)
- Slightly improved registration of and Mail.Ru Mobile
- Fixed registration
- registration fixed
- When registering via SMS, processing of the Recaptcha2 request has been added - the proxy is blocked
- Added the ability to activate NoSpam for (Mail -> Operations)
- Added anti-captcha service
- Fixed SMS service
-, and anti-captcha and sms services removed as outdated
- Updated countries for SMS services
- Added the ability to register accounts via SMS, even if registration with the country you specified has not been tested by us (an appropriate warning appears)
- Updated api - added work with Recaptcha3 (used for
- SMS services have added error handling for receiving a phone - "No numbers" and "Low balance" (in the results they are displayed as separate items)
- Removed Recaptcha2 guessing through pictures (irrelevant), now only sitekey guessing (support CapMonster with addon,,
- The ReCapMonster section has been added to the "Tools", allowing you to send CapMonster requests for solving Recaptcha, with subsequent saving of answers to files (to speed up registrations by parallelizing registrations and solving captchas)
- Added the ability to select a protocol in the proxy settings (TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2)
- Fixed "Save possibly created accounts" setting
- Removed the option to set your own list of proxies for solving Recaptcha2 through CapMonster (irrelevant - this functionality is present in CM)
- UI changes: Notification Center added; additional checks of anti-captcha and SMS service before registration; extended information about mail services (in a pop-up when you hover over them with the mouse); etc.
Version (2018.11.25)
- Performance optimization
- Fixed registration
Version (2018.11.04)
- Fixed a bug due to which, when registering, its User-Agent was not assigned (if the file of its UA was specified in the settings)
Version (2018.10.21)
- fixed bug with downloading captchas
Version (2018.10.21)
- registration fixed
- Slightly improved registration
- Added captcha entry several times for (mobile) and
Version (2018.10.16)
- Fixed bug with proxy forwarding to anti-captcha service (capmonster)
- At startup, added a check for the presence of the required version of the .net framework
Version (2018.10.15)
- The program has been recompiled for .Net Framework 4.7.2, the third-party solutions used have been updated to the latest versions
- Added the ability to pass captcha several times (during one registration / login / enable SMTP and POP3), in case it is solved incorrectly. The required number of attempts is set in the anti-captcha settings, in the field "Attempts to enter captcha"
- registration fixed
- checker added
- Responses from SMS services (phone request and SMS) are now displayed in the History section (in case of errors, you can see the original text response)
Version (2018.09.26)
- Improved registration
- Improved registration
Version (2018.09.22)
- Improved registration
Version (2018.09.09)
- Bugs fixed
Version (2018.08.23)
- Fixed registration
- Improved checker
- Improved registration
Version (2018.07.19)
- Fixed registration, POP3 activation and checker
- Added password change functionality for (Mail -> Operations)
- Added section for killing all processes by name (Tools -> Processes)
- Removed
Version (2018.06.27)
- Fixed registration
Version (2018.06.25)
- Fixed registration
Version (2018.06.21)
- Fixed registration