Changelog — Page 4
Version (2018.11.04)
- Fixed a bug due to which, when registering, its User-Agent was not assigned (if the file of its UA was specified in the settings)
Version (2018.10.21)
- fixed bug with downloading captchas
Version (2018.10.21)
- registration fixed
- Slightly improved registration
- Added captcha entry several times for (mobile) and
Version (2018.10.16)
- Fixed bug with proxy forwarding to anti-captcha service (capmonster)
- At startup, added a check for the presence of the required version of the .net framework
Version (2018.10.15)
- The program has been recompiled for .Net Framework 4.7.2, the third-party solutions used have been updated to the latest versions
- Added the ability to pass captcha several times (during one registration / login / enable SMTP and POP3), in case it is solved incorrectly. The required number of attempts is set in the anti-captcha settings, in the field "Attempts to enter captcha"
- registration fixed
- checker added
- Responses from SMS services (phone request and SMS) are now displayed in the History section (in case of errors, you can see the original text response)
Version (2018.09.26)
- Improved registration
- Improved registration
Version (2018.09.22)
- Improved registration
Version (2018.09.09)
- Bugs fixed
Version (2018.08.23)
- Fixed registration
- Improved checker
- Improved registration
Version (2018.07.19)
- Fixed registration, POP3 activation and checker
- Added password change functionality for (Mail -> Operations)
- Added section for killing all processes by name (Tools -> Processes)
- Removed
Version (2018.06.27)
- Fixed registration
Version (2018.06.25)
- Fixed registration
Version (2018.06.21)
- Fixed registration
Version (2018.06.20)
- Fixed registration
- Increased built-in dictionaries of Russian / English names / surnames
Version (2018.06.13)
- - fixed pop3 activation
- Fixed a bug with updating the list of proxies on the "Web checker" and "Operations" tabs
- Added the ability to disable the output of results on the "Registration" tab (saving computer resources)
- Added the ability to use Tor on the "Web checker" and "Operations" tabs