Changelog — Page 3
Version (2020.09.21)
- Fix SMTP/POP3/IMAP checker
Version (2020.09.20)
- / registration restored
- registration restored
- Yandex added IMAP activation by password
- SMTP/POP3/IMAP checker now works through proxy
Version (2020.08.23)
- Restored / registration, added several subdomains for registration
Version (2020.08.12)
- registration restored
Version (2020.07.19)
- Fixed registration in regional domains for
- Fixed POP3 activation on /
Version (2020.07.07)
- Fixed registration, checker and POP3 activation for /
- Optimized Recaptcha consumption for and fixed SMTP/POP3 activation during registration
- checker redesigned from Recaptcha2 to Recaptcha3
Version (2020.06.21)
- registration restored - Recaptcha2 + Recaptcha3 now required
- Restored registration of and - now requires passing Recaptcha3 instead of Recaptcha2
- registration and checker restored + IMAP activation added
- Added settings to disable mixing lists of names / surnames and logins
Version (2020.02.02)
- Error correction
Version (2020.01.27)
- Added support for working with mobile proxies in the "List of files / links of proxies" mode - enabling the corresponding setting activates the processing of the reconnect link in the proxy line
- Added support for specifying the proxy protocol in the "List of proxy files/links" mode
- registration fixed
- Slightly improved registration
- Added setting to check for beta versions of the program
- For Capmonster and added work with Recaptcha3
- Added the day and month of birth in the login generation settings by template
- Proxy list update timeout changed from minutes to seconds
- Improved proxy blocking - ban from the service now does not depend on blocking by its own conditions (by the number of incorrect captchas, etc.)
Version (2019.11.17)
- Improved Mobile registration
- Improved checker
- Fixed registration
- Fixed an unknown error when registering / (does not affect the number of registrations)
- Fixed pop3 activation on /
- Fixed country setting when registering
- Added two dozen countries and the ability to select multiple points (a random country will be selected for each stream)
- Added built-in dictionaries for Polish, German and French names/surnames
- Added setting to turn off the display of program errors (errors will be logged to a file)
- Removed SMS service for fraud by the administration
- Country code output added to proxy checker
- Minor improvements and bug fixes
Version (2019.04.07)
- registration restored via captcha
- Fixed NoSpam activation and password change for in accounts with a new interface
- Added detection of locked accounts for
- Proxies can now be specified in the format scheme://ip:port
- In the mail registration section, a field has been added indicating the file to which the save is being made.
Version (2019.03.14)
- registration restored - now again only via SMS
- Added detection of locked accounts for
- Changed captcha request to a smaller captcha (for compatibility with XEvil)
Version (2019.02.25)
- Added registration / via SMS
- Fixed registration
- Fixed POP3 activation for
- Added web checker for accounts
- Minor improvements and bug fixes
Version (2019.02.16)
- Added Mobile registration via SMS
- Improved registration
- Fixed a bug when working through Tor
- Fixed bug in threads
Version (2019.02.12)
- Added registration of accounts
- now requires POP3/SMTP/IMAP to be enabled separately (previously worked right after registration), ReCaptcha2 required
- Removed anti-captcha service (non-working)
- Added the ability to activate IMAP in the settings (in fact, it is activated along with POP3 / SMTP)
- Added the ability to activate IMAP in the operations section
- "POP3-checker" section replaced with "SMTP/POP3/IMAP-checker"
- Tor download error fixed
- Added User-Agent placeholder to export settings
- Minor UI changes