Changelog — Page 3
Version (2020.08.23)
- Restored / registration, added several subdomains for registration
Version (2020.08.12)
- registration restored
Version (2020.07.19)
- Fixed registration in regional domains for
- Fixed POP3 activation on /
Version (2020.07.07)
- Fixed registration, checker and POP3 activation for /
- Optimized Recaptcha consumption for and fixed SMTP/POP3 activation during registration
- checker redesigned from Recaptcha2 to Recaptcha3
Version (2020.06.21)
- registration restored - Recaptcha2 + Recaptcha3 now required
- Restored registration of and - now requires passing Recaptcha3 instead of Recaptcha2
- registration and checker restored + IMAP activation added
- Added settings to disable mixing lists of names / surnames and logins
Version (2020.02.02)
- Error correction
Version (2020.01.27)
- Added support for working with mobile proxies in the "List of files / links of proxies" mode - enabling the corresponding setting activates the processing of the reconnect link in the proxy line
- Added support for specifying the proxy protocol in the "List of proxy files/links" mode
- registration fixed
- Slightly improved registration
- Added setting to check for beta versions of the program
- For Capmonster and added work with Recaptcha3
- Added the day and month of birth in the login generation settings by template
- Proxy list update timeout changed from minutes to seconds
- Improved proxy blocking - ban from the service now does not depend on blocking by its own conditions (by the number of incorrect captchas, etc.)
Version (2019.11.17)
- Improved Mobile registration
- Improved checker
- Fixed registration
- Fixed an unknown error when registering / (does not affect the number of registrations)
- Fixed pop3 activation on /
- Fixed country setting when registering
- Added two dozen countries and the ability to select multiple points (a random country will be selected for each stream)
- Added built-in dictionaries for Polish, German and French names/surnames
- Added setting to turn off the display of program errors (errors will be logged to a file)
- Removed SMS service for fraud by the administration
- Country code output added to proxy checker
- Minor improvements and bug fixes
Version (2019.04.07)
- registration restored via captcha
- Fixed NoSpam activation and password change for in accounts with a new interface
- Added detection of locked accounts for
- Proxies can now be specified in the format scheme://ip:port
- In the mail registration section, a field has been added indicating the file to which the save is being made.
Version (2019.03.14)
- registration restored - now again only via SMS
- Added detection of locked accounts for
- Changed captcha request to a smaller captcha (for compatibility with XEvil)
Version (2019.02.25)
- Added registration / via SMS
- Fixed registration
- Fixed POP3 activation for
- Added web checker for accounts
- Minor improvements and bug fixes
Version (2019.02.16)
- Added Mobile registration via SMS
- Improved registration
- Fixed a bug when working through Tor
- Fixed bug in threads
Version (2019.02.12)
- Added registration of accounts
- now requires POP3/SMTP/IMAP to be enabled separately (previously worked right after registration), ReCaptcha2 required
- Removed anti-captcha service (non-working)
- Added the ability to activate IMAP in the settings (in fact, it is activated along with POP3 / SMTP)
- Added the ability to activate IMAP in the operations section
- "POP3-checker" section replaced with "SMTP/POP3/IMAP-checker"
- Tor download error fixed
- Added User-Agent placeholder to export settings
- Minor UI changes
Version (2019.01.11)
- Slightly improved registration of and Mail.Ru Mobile
- Fixed registration
- registration fixed
- When registering via SMS, processing of the Recaptcha2 request has been added - the proxy is blocked
- Added the ability to activate NoSpam for (Mail -> Operations)
- Added anti-captcha service
- Fixed SMS service
-, and anti-captcha and sms services removed as outdated
- Updated countries for SMS services
- Added the ability to register accounts via SMS, even if registration with the country you specified has not been tested by us (an appropriate warning appears)
- Updated api - added work with Recaptcha3 (used for
- SMS services have added error handling for receiving a phone - "No numbers" and "Low balance" (in the results they are displayed as separate items)
- Removed Recaptcha2 guessing through pictures (irrelevant), now only sitekey guessing (support CapMonster with addon,,
- The ReCapMonster section has been added to the "Tools", allowing you to send CapMonster requests for solving Recaptcha, with subsequent saving of answers to files (to speed up registrations by parallelizing registrations and solving captchas)
- Added the ability to select a protocol in the proxy settings (TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2)
- Fixed "Save possibly created accounts" setting
- Removed the option to set your own list of proxies for solving Recaptcha2 through CapMonster (irrelevant - this functionality is present in CM)
- UI changes: Notification Center added; additional checks of anti-captcha and SMS service before registration; extended information about mail services (in a pop-up when you hover over them with the mouse); etc.
Version (2018.11.25)
- Performance optimization
- Fixed registration