Changelog — Page 2
Version (2021.12.01)
- Restored / registration (FunCaptcha)
- Improved checker
- Fix POP3/SMTP/IMAP activation after registration for and / (if selected in settings)
- Fix work through Tor sections Checker and Operations
Version (2021.11.20)
- Mobile registration fix
Version (2021.11.20)
- registration fix
Version (2021.11.19)
- registration restored (regular captcha)
- Restored / registration (regular captcha)
- Mobile registration restored
- Added Capmonster Cloud anti-captcha service
- Added SMS service
- and anti-captcha services have been removed due to their death
- Removed sms services (fraud), (outdated), (mirror)
- When registering via SMS, the number and price of renting a phone are displayed
- Fix SMTP/POP3/IMAP checkers through proxy
- If the license check fails, the program no longer closes
Version (2021.11.04)
- The program is recompiled under .Net Framework 4.8
- Implemented Selenium (browser driver) allowing registration through browsers
- Added registration (browser)
- Added registration (browser)
- Added registration (browser)
- registration restored (Funcaptcha sometimes required)
- Restored / registration (Funcaptcha required)
- registration restored (via SMS)
- registration restored (via SMS)
- Added checker
- checker restored
- checker restored
- POP3/IMAP activation restored
- password change restored
- Captcha removed when changing password
- domain added for (mobile) (via SMS)
- Added anti-captcha service
- Fixed work of SMS service (now it is
- Logging successful/unsuccessful password change results
- Added check for browser and Tor updates
- Added themes
- Added button "On top of all windows"
- Other minor fixes and improvements
Version (2020.10.07)
- Fixed a bug when working through Tor
- Correction of other errors
Version (2020.09.21)
- Fix SMTP/POP3/IMAP checker
Version (2020.09.20)
- / registration restored
- registration restored
- Yandex added IMAP activation by password
- SMTP/POP3/IMAP checker now works through proxy
Version (2020.08.23)
- Restored / registration, added several subdomains for registration
Version (2020.08.12)
- registration restored
Version (2020.07.19)
- Fixed registration in regional domains for
- Fixed POP3 activation on /
Version (2020.07.07)
- Fixed registration, checker and POP3 activation for /
- Optimized Recaptcha consumption for and fixed SMTP/POP3 activation during registration
- checker redesigned from Recaptcha2 to Recaptcha3
Version (2020.06.21)
- registration restored - Recaptcha2 + Recaptcha3 now required
- Restored registration of and - now requires passing Recaptcha3 instead of Recaptcha2
- registration and checker restored + IMAP activation added
- Added settings to disable mixing lists of names / surnames and logins
Version (2020.02.02)
- Error correction
Version (2020.01.27)
- Added support for working with mobile proxies in the "List of files / links of proxies" mode - enabling the corresponding setting activates the processing of the reconnect link in the proxy line
- Added support for specifying the proxy protocol in the "List of proxy files/links" mode
- registration fixed
- Slightly improved registration
- Added setting to check for beta versions of the program
- For Capmonster and added work with Recaptcha3
- Added the day and month of birth in the login generation settings by template
- Proxy list update timeout changed from minutes to seconds
- Improved proxy blocking - ban from the service now does not depend on blocking by its own conditions (by the number of incorrect captchas, etc.)