Changelog — Page 7
Version 3.1 (2017.06.01)
- Added registration to and via SMS
- Fixed activation of POP3 at
- Added selection of an alternative anti-captcha service (if the main one for some reason did not solve the captcha and returned an error)
- The list of proxies has a limit on the number of registrations per IP - after a specified number of successful registrations, the proxy gets into the list of blocked
- "Registrations to IP" + "Command execution" settings moved to "Proxy" section and available in "no proxy" and "single proxy" modes
Version 3.0.3 (2017.05.27)
- Improved performance, fixed bugs
Version 3.0.2 (2017.05.24)
- Bugs fixed
Version 3.0.1 (2017.05.22)
- Added a setting that allows you to disable the registration stop when there are no live proxies (waiting for the list to be updated)
- Advanced proxy auto-update settings
Version 3.0 (2017.05.21)
- Added registration through popular SMS services (+ the ability to manually enter phone / sms), for and
- Added support for multithreaded registration via Tor, you can specify a list of desired countries
- Added proxy checker
- Added the ability to specify a list of your User-Agents
- Added the ability to log into files of working/dead/banned proxies
- Added the ability to load a list of banned proxies from a file to skip them during registration
- Added the ability to ban a proxy after the specified number of incorrectly solved captchas in a row
- Improved interaction between and CapMonster (forced to specify the correct module, since the capmonster substitutes MailRuMobile)
- Added the ability to change the case of the first / last name and login during registration
- Added the ability to specify one specific proxy, instead of a file with their list
- Added ability to select proxy format between "login:pwd@ip:port" and "login:pwd:ip:port"
- Added setting for generating a login from a template
- Added setting to generate login from random characters
- Added the ability to remove logins from your file, in case of successful registration or they are busy
- Added setting for specifying the interval for cleaning the folder of temporary files (captcha)
- Added anti-captcha service (cheap hotmail)
- Added the ability to specify your server for CapMonster
- Added auto-save of program results to files
- Removed - they made registration through mobile app
- Improved mechanism for auto-selection of free mail if the current login is busy - now mail is selected taking into account the marked domains
- Updated UserAgent's, improved work with them (more unique)
- Updated program interface, added missing tooltips
- More convenient indication of several links/files with a proxy in the settings
- Fixed a bug with switching to registration without a proxy when working proxies run out
- Fixed registration by own list of logins - now when all logins from the file are over (successful registration or busy), registration is terminated
- Fixed a bug with long requests to Kapmonster
- Fixed a bug - when working through a proxy, the standard timeout (60 seconds) was always set, regardless of the settings
- Optimization of resource consumption, interface operation and multi-threaded registration
- More stable work with the local database when running several copies of the program (from the same settings folder)
- Many minor fixes and improvements
Version 2.5.6 (2017.03.17)
- Fixed registration on
Version 2.5.5 (2017.02.24)
- Fixed registration on /
- Bugs fixed
Version 2.5.4 (2016.11.11)
- Fixed registration
- Improved recognition of errors when registering mobile
- Added support for separate activation of POP3 (Mail -> Operations),,,, are supported
- The api of the anti-captcha service -, has been updated, renamed to, now it supports the alternative solution ReCaptcha2 on a par with Rucaptcha. Price $2.2 for 1k captcha
Version 2.5.3 (2016.10.06)
- Fixed registration on /
Version 2.5.2 (2016.09.10)
- Fixed registration on /
Version 2.5.1 (2016.08.08)
- Added service
- Added ability to activate SMTP/POP3 for when registering mail
- Fixed getting recaptcha2 image for service
- Fixed registration. Now two captchas are used for registration!
- Bugs fixed
Version 2.5 (2016.08.04)
- Added the ability to receive ReCaptcha2 through the browser emulator (manual solution or by sending the anti-captcha service)
- Added the ability to notify about the completion of registration by email and icq
- Fixed registration (blocked accounts were defined as working)
- Fixed a bug due to which all proxies were considered broken when registering
- Fixed a bug with incorrect formation of the date of birth when registering
Version 2.4.6 (2016.07.18)
- Restored registrations on, and (registration only through, price 160 rubles for 1k captchas
- Fixed registration on
- Added a filter by domains on the history tab
Version (2016.06.20)
- Fixed registration on /
- Bugs fixed
Version 2.4.5 (2016.05.24)
- and are no longer supported in the free version
- Improved registration
- Improved the registration of - there are fewer mailboxes, but they are definitely active and with Yandex.Disk
- Improved registration (mobile)
- Improved registration (mobile)
- Minor improvements and changes in Settings
- The sidebar displays the results of the registration process
- Optimized program launch and saving settings