Changelog — Page 7
Version 2.5.2 (2016.09.10)
- Fixed registration on /
Version 2.5.1 (2016.08.08)
- Added service
- Added ability to activate SMTP/POP3 for when registering mail
- Fixed getting recaptcha2 image for service
- Fixed registration. Now two captchas are used for registration!
- Bugs fixed
Version 2.5 (2016.08.04)
- Added the ability to receive ReCaptcha2 through the browser emulator (manual solution or by sending the anti-captcha service)
- Added the ability to notify about the completion of registration by email and icq
- Fixed registration (blocked accounts were defined as working)
- Fixed a bug due to which all proxies were considered broken when registering
- Fixed a bug with incorrect formation of the date of birth when registering
Version 2.4.6 (2016.07.18)
- Restored registrations on, and (registration only through, price 160 rubles for 1k captchas
- Fixed registration on
- Added a filter by domains on the history tab
Version (2016.06.20)
- Fixed registration on /
- Bugs fixed
Version 2.4.5 (2016.05.24)
- and are no longer supported in the free version
- Improved registration
- Improved the registration of - there are fewer mailboxes, but they are definitely active and with Yandex.Disk
- Improved registration (mobile)
- Improved registration (mobile)
- Minor improvements and changes in Settings
- The sidebar displays the results of the registration process
- Optimized program launch and saving settings
Version 2.4.4 (2016.04.28)
- Improved recognition of successful registrations
- Added the "Export" tab in the settings, which allows you to save the results in the desired format and encoding
- Added field "Date of birth" to advanced export (csv)
- Fixed an issue that caused the Execute Command feature to not work correctly
Version 2.4.3 (2016.04.25)
- Fixed registration on /
- Speed ​​up export of results to a file
- Removed and due to the introduction of mandatory SMS confirmation
Version 2.4.2 (2016.03.31)
- Fixed Rambler captcha - instead of multi-colored captcha, the usual one is displayed again
- Improved Yandex registration - frequent "unknown errors". Do not forget that Yandex issues "wrong captcha" when ip is blocked
- Restored Yandex registration for some users on Windows XP
- Improved integration with CapMonster2
Version 2.4.1 (2016.03.15)
- (mobile) captcha adapted to CapMonster
- Temporarily removed registration on (introduced recaptcha2)
- Fixed display of status bar and right sidebar on Windows Server
- Fixed a bug causing frequent "Anticaptcha errors" when working through CapMonster (appeared in the previous version)
Version 2.4 (2016.03.12)
- Added setting to auto-update the proxy list during work
- Added setting to remove dead proxies from the current registration list
- Added the ability to specify multiple files and links with a proxy. To do this, you need to list them on one line, separating them with a vertical bar "|"
- Added a setting to limit successful registrations on the mail registration tab
- Now, regardless of POP3 and SMTP activation errors, all registered mailboxes are saved in the history (section "Statistics and history"). Only mailboxes that have activated all the services specified by the user are still included in the main registration results window.
- The "Registration History" section now saves first/last name, proxy and pop3/smtp activation. Also added a button to export all fields to csv (as in the registration section)
- Fixed bugs, slightly changed the interface
Version 2.3.6 (2016.03.01)
- Added the ability to specify your anticaptcha server
- Added the ability to change the program settings folder to a folder in %AppData% (it is selected by default, and not the program folder, as before)
- Removed the "Error threshold" setting from the "Registration" tab as unnecessary
- Bug fixes, minor changes and interface improvements
Version 2.3.5 (2016.02.23)
- Improved POP3 activation for /
- Captcha service "yandex (mobile)" adapted for CapMonster
- The "Operations" tab has been added to the "Mail" section. So far, only checking the list of mailboxes for POP3 activity is available, but soon the functionality will grow
- When choosing a mail service, the most appropriate domains are now selected (based on the program interface language). Most relevant for ""
- For the convenience of CapMonster users, a corresponding item has been added to the list of anti-captcha services
Version (2016.02.08)
- Added POP3 activation for
- Fixed POP3 activation on
- Added the ability to set the preferred language of the registered account and data (first name/surname, when using the built-in dictionary) in the settings on the Data tab. Setting the account language is currently only available for "", when registering in the zones "" and ""
- Added the ability to enable/disable logging in the main settings. Previously, logging was enabled all the time. It is recommended to turn it off to reduce the load on iron
Version 2.3.4 (2016.01.31)
- Fixed registration on /
- Added the ability to activate SMTP/POP3 for when registering mail
- Added the ability to activate POP3 for when registering mail
- Ability to specify a list of proxies by reference
- When you hover over a mail service, a pop-up message displays its supported services (login verification, SMTP/POP3 activation, etc.)