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Today's update contains the long-awaited proxy auto-update feature during registration. To implement it, it was necessary to rewrite the entire proxy manager. Also added a few tweaks and features requested by users.

Now the work will be focused on embedding a browser emulator into the program, the ability to work through Tor, and adding other mail services. I will say in advance that the listed chips will be available only to users of the paid version.


We are currently working on embedding a browser emulator into the program. This will allow you to register mail accounts as similar as possible to a person. It will also allow in the future to add mail services using reCaptcha2 and possibly improve work with Hotmail/Outlook. Preliminary tests are going well, but will take some more time. Of the minuses, mail services that will work through the emulator in the future will require much more computer resources.

Also, in the near future, work with proxies will be redone, which will allow you to update them right while the program is running.


Welcome to the Staf4 Registrator website!

The current site opened recently, despite the fact that the program has been in existence for several years.

Gradually the site will be updated with new and useful information, the program will develop. For now, you can see screenshots of the first versions of the program in the history section :)