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The site is completely updated, not only visually, but also internally. In the future, this will increase the fault tolerance of the program and allow you to add previously inaccessible functionality.


Restored payment via QIWI and Webmoney (now via WMZ).


Update 5.0.7 has been released. Some countries began to block Russian ip. For this reason, without dancing with a tambourine, it became impossible to activate the application.
To solve the problem, on the application activation screen, in the settings, the ability to specify a proxy for the program itself has been added.


Update 5.0.6 has been released. Among other things, for working through Tor, the setting for specifying a bridge has been added. This was done due to the blocking of Tor in some countries (including Russia). More details at the link - Getting bridges for TOR.

Also for, getting a password for an external application (IMAP / POP3 / SMTP), in short - “VP Password”, has been added. By default, the password is not exported to the result file. To export, open "Settings -> Export -> Autosave to Text Files", select "Custom Format" and enter "#EMAIL#:#EMAILPWD#:#PWDEA#" ".


A major app update has been released. The list of changes can be viewed on the version history page.

Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 to run


Recently, problems with accepting payments have been resolved and new methods have been added, including webmoney and cryptocurrency.

The program is not abandoned, the development of a new version continues, albeit at a slow pace.

The main change will be the introduction of work through the browser - some mail services will be redesigned to work through it, which should have a positive effect on the results. Additionally, the logging of the password change function will be done so that data can be restored when the application or OS crashes. Plus many smaller changes and improvements.


With today's update, the SMS service "" has been removed from the program.

On this service, without warning, my account was deleted, with all the balance and referral charges. In correspondence, the owner denied the existence of the account. At the same time, the access key after deletion remained working, but gave out a zero balance. After I provided evidence (a letter from his domain about registration to my mail), he stopped responding to letters altogether.

You can continue to use this service by specifying the address to its api with a similar SMS service, but I do not recommend doing this - it is safer to choose another service.

As for the program - work continues on the implementation of Selenium, the "Tasks" section, and other goodies. Release dates are still unknown.


At the moment, we are developing the “Assignments” section, intended for people familiar with C#.

This functionality will allow you to execute arbitrary C# code inside the program in multi-threaded mode, interacting with elements of its interface (logging, statistics, table of results) and main objects (profile, anti-captcha, SMS service, http requests).

For example, you can write a registrar for the site/service you need, using the existing http-request and anti-captcha service classes created based on the current program settings, with the proxy applied, generated user data.


About registration

1. They pay attention to the User-Agent, and although the current User-Agents are substituted in the registrar (at the time the new version of the program is released), it is recommended to connect your list in the settings and monitor its relevance.

2. They pay attention to the protocol (TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2). Sometimes registration requires a downgrade. In the latest version of the registrar (4.8), a setting has been added that allows you to change the protocol version.

3. They pay attention to fingerprint OS (read about p0f). Sometimes, with identical settings and proxies, accounts are registered from one device and not registered from another.

From time to time they change all these rules. Experiment.


All attempts to fix the registration of end up with the fact that within 1-3 days they change something and you have to adapt to them again for several days. This was repeated many times. Incl. if you plan to register accounts, you will have to wait.