Licence agreement of Staf4 Registrator purchase

License key

The program activation code is personal and the user can use the program only on his computer.
The code is connected to the hardware. Reactivation on a different hardware is available on a written request, but not more than three times.
It is prohibited to activate the program on a virtual machine. In case of detection of violation the key will be blocked.


The User agrees to use the program in accordance with the law of the State he is a resident of.
The developer of the program is not responsible for the violation of a user of the legislation of any state of the User Agreement and postal services.


The developer does not provide any guarantees.
The developer does not guarantee that the service that the user needs will work more than one day and does not guarantee the restoration of any service in case it stops working.
For all of these cases, trial period is provided.

Trial period

The program purchase comes with its current at the moment of purchase functionality. In order to check the program efficiency, trial period activation is provided.
If the trial period has been used previously, it can be requested again before purchase, but the developer keeps the right to refuse without explanation.

Refund (money-back)

Refund is provided only at simultaneously matching of the following conditions:

- application to support within 24 hours from the moment of the activation key issue;
- all necessary resources for account registration are available: positive balance on a working CAPTCHA service, working proxy servers, etc .;
- the developer was not able to set it up in order to create at least one account (TeamViewer access is required).

In all other cases refund is not possible.
The refund uses the same data as the ones used for the payment.

The developer reserves the right to refuse service to any user with the indication of the reasons for refusal.

License Agreement may be amended at any time at the discretion of the developer without notice.